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The TRAEXS Music Downloads are Internet Music Editions of great Music, mostly of Indies, from around the Internet. Hit Suspicions is the name of the Series just because the Music is great. Each Music Edition is delivered as MP3 File for easy download and to be playable by Standard Music Software and Players. Check them out, each Music Edition is just 1.80 Dollars and immediately available for Download after an easy Payment Procedure by PayPal.

#1 - Club Dance Music Mix

Laurie Laptop - Human (cc by sa)
an electronic dance track with a touch of disco and techno.

Sprat of the Rhinoceros - You Fake (Euro Version) (cc by)
a fine electronic track with an electronic voice.

Blaster - The right Way (cc by nd)
state of the art electronic scratching with a touch of house and techno.

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#2 - Cyber Space Song Mix

Fourtones - Graphic Design (Treatment) (cc by)
fresh beats about the graphic design business.

Ran Dumb Dots - Payola Moon Shot Blues (Dots Mix) (cc by)
a song about making music and selling it on the internet.

Etherdust - The Time is now (cc by)
a cyber space song and how the internet changes the world.

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