Music Video Search Engine with Instant Search and Playlist Editor

ListAndPlay combines the up to date search engine technology instant search, the immediate display of results while typing, with the search for music videos. And this leads to an astonishing experience as the service does not only immediately display video results but even do start playing the music videos immediately. This all is bundled with a playlist editor, which will please people spending a lot of time with editing music video playlists. By the speed of displaying videos and an easy to use add button creating playlists now may happen within seconds.

Even faster but with another intention creating playlists is done at the tv interface of ListAndPlay located at Just entering one name or one title leads to a playlist of 150 titles, which is enough for hours of music television. To navigate through the results in both versions some buttons are available below the search form enabling for example to switch to the next music video.

The service has been created by Tuarroba, which, too, operates some further search engines with the instant search feature for Flickr, Twitter and YouTube. Here you will come to ListAndPlay.

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