Crowd Funding for Music Concerts

There are many crowd funding services serving the music scene already. This specialization again is refined by a number of new services, which have specialized in the financing of concerts. Mostly the idea is to sell tickets to ensure the success of an event.

At first there is muzico. This is the latest of the services. In contrast the description at the homepage sounds a bit like they claim having invent it, despite of crowd funding being well recognized today already by services like Kickstarter. muzico provides two different kind of projects, the more general crowd funding of music projects like creating a music video and the advance sale of event tickets.

The second one is Rabbl, which really takes in mind the spirit of the crowd. It enables even fans to be the starter of the organization of a concert. Fans are able to form a group to show that there are people at a city, who like to see a particular band and to ask them to come for a concert. Vice versa bands are able to use the service to find new venues and to engage their fans to make a concert a success.

Last but not least Songkick entered the business, which is already active in this field by providing fans information about concerts. The service launched the feature Songkick Detour. Its functions are similar to Rabbl, but available currently only in Great Britain.

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