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Ideal Club Radio is playing electronic music of the club scene. The site has a lot to offer. Nevertheless it is to be understood as a little player. By this it is even more amazing that the service has a growing audience, which has been described by a hint of Twitter by „popular within your network“. This online radio is a real indie service playing music beyond the mainstream or even uncommercial music as it is described at the about site. Furthermore it reports from the global music underground. The makers are idealists, who have there roots in the rave culture and who aim to offer a global platform to dj’s to introduce their music to a broad audience.

Two music streams are available at the site, which either come out of the studio or directly out of club or from festivals. One stream is moderated by the Ideal Club Radio team and the second is created freely by outside dj’s. To get featured within the free channel one sends in an email.

Despite of the idealistic approach the makers are offering various business services related to the site and featured dj’s. These business opportunities are advertising and sponsoring to finance the steams and shows and a booking service. Furthermore live streaming services are offered to stream and promote third party events.

At all the music remains the most important thing and the music is eligible to be listened to. So have fun with Ideal Club Radio.

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