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Download of Live Recordings and Business Opportunity to Musicians

Just lately the live recording service set.fm came out of beta and is now providing its services to download live recordings and the app to record events to the public. Musicians are able to download the app, to record their events and to sell the recordings at the set.fm homepage. The service is located in […]

Innovative Markets on Digital Music and DJing

At this post here come two innovative services, which both are online music marketplaces. Both are innovative and dedicated to digital media, but do serve different needs. The first one is ReDigi, a marketplace to buy and sell used aka unwanted digital music. The service itself argues with possible shortage of storage and by this […]

Samsung launches Music Hub

Samsung is in direct competition to Apple regarding smartphones and lately it overnumbered the latter by sales of its smartphone. Now Samsung has introduced a music service similar to the popular iTunes service by Apple. Both services, iTunes by Apple and the Samsung Music Hub, have both great simalarities and differences. In common is the […]

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