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Online Radio with House and Techno Music

The online radio pure.fm exclusively plays electronic music of the rather progressive genres. This includes house and techno music, mainroom house, deep house and nudisco. All radio streams of the site are free and who always wants to hear the latest shows gets information by the schedule displaying the transmission times of the latest radio […]

Online Radio with Music Marketing

There is a frequent talk here about online radios and music marketing services. Without doubt many of them are great, depending on the own taste and the design. Lizzar is one, which gets a wow by the first visit. At first while visiting Lizzar I looked for the features: Participants may write reviews, playlists may […]

Social Music Radio

The social music radio serendip lets you connect with friends and listen together. The service is providing the music and connects to friends on Facebook and Twitter. Additionally it enables to find new friend within the service by music tastes. A further interesting option is to find dj’s playing the favored music. Dj’s may as […]

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