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TRAEXS Music Podcast No. 54 (MP3 Download 21 MB)
Song, Musician - License
Dirty Bass Thrille Remix, Dj iLy. cc by nd.
Hyperion, Cruelplanet. cc by sa.
Lobotomy, JustLikeAmmy. cc by nd.
Euphoric, Dj Sullie. cc by sa.
How low can you go, Rage against the Drum Machine. cc by nd.
Funkin' the Face, Woofer Wolf. cc by nd.

TRAEXS Music Podcast No. 53 (MP3 Download 19 MB)
Song, Musician - License
Eclipse, Dalotec. cc by nd.
She'll let him have it, Thingbone. cc by.
Sylable 1, Dj Nick Almond. cc by nd.
Star Jelly, Nick Phaze. cc by sa.
Snap, Kurrupt Recordings. cc by nd.
This is my House, Mr Colombo. cc by nd.

TRAEXS Music Podcast No. 52 (MP3 Download 31 MB)
Song, Musician - License
You flying somewhere again, Aciddup. cc by nd.
Life Support, Stepp42. cc by sa.
Jambalaya, Koolau Subs. cc by sa.
Llorar Por Ella (Original Mix), Jesus Lopez DJ. cc by nd.
Broken Barrier, Global Sound Machine. cc by sa.
The Stars are dancing, Def Disco. cc by nd.

TRAEXS Music Podcast No. 51 (MP3 Download 16 MB)
Song, Musician - License
Wild Wild West, RSharp. cc by sa.
3xOsc Love, Logical Defiance. cc by.
Fishnets, Stepp42. cc by sa.
Got the Feeling (I love), Lesley Dodd. cc by sa.
Mary had a Robot Lamb, Publique Domain. cc public.
I danced on Top of the Keys, Dextracompleximus. cc by nd.

TRAEXS Music Podcast No. 50 (MP3 Download 19 MB)
Song, Musician - License
The Final Hours (HQ), Hollidayrain. cc by sa.
Comeback, WiredTangent. cc by sa.
The Way We Used To Do It, Archie Jd. cc by sa.
Sunshine, Roofeez. cc by sa.
Plasma, Firace7. cc by sa.
Glibberig (Slippery), Tobias Prinz. cc by sa.

TRAEXS Music Podcast No. 49 (MP3 Download 27 MB)
Song, Musician - License
We Are Back, Tendamix Sound System. cc by nd.
Party Ruler, Thingbone. cc by.
Tomorrows World, Koolau Subs. cc by sa.
The Magic Trumpet (Original Mix), Jesus Lopez Dj. cc by nd.
Night Watch, DJ AZ. cc by sa.
Artificial Heat, Dextracompleximus. cc by nd.

CC = Creative Commons - LAL = License Art Libre

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The TRAEXS Podcast is a monthly updated music podcast playing free music. One may subscribe to the Podcast by RSS Feed to receive the newest versions regularly. For further information about this podcast, how to subscribe to a podcast and the music licenses (indicated by cc for creative commons and lal for license art libre) please visit free podcasts.

Further resources like podcast directories at TRAEXS are available at podcasting. Professional information about doing podcasts and podcasting tools are available at FOLDEN.INFO at the rubric Podcasting.

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