Online TV of the Berlin Music Video Awards

The Berlin Music Video Awards are a yearly Event, which happen this year from 27th to 30th May. Music Video are shown, of course, and live performances by vj’s. Furthermore there are a couple of parties.

Below is the video playlist with the Best Visual Effects 2015. Further playlists are available by the BMVA Account at DailyMotion. Here is the link of the program, further information is available at the homepage of the Berlin Music Video Awards.

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YouTube Guide for Musicians

The video sharing site YouTube is providing a broad array of resources to creatives to be successful regarding the creation and marketing of their videos like the Creator Hub. Now a special version of this hub dedicated to musicians and the creation of music videos has been launched. YouTube for Artists provides tips, tricks and tools and informs about success factors as well as it teaches to engage the audience and how to find new fans. Furthermore the site has several partnerships with radios and other services to promote music externally. One further activity of YouTube are the YouTube Music Awards, which happened just a couple of weeks ago.

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Concert Videos

Completely dedicated to concert videos is Qello. According to the website the service is operating the largest database of concert videos and other music documentations. Included are historical documentations back to 1920 and up to date videos. Of course the music tastes changed during time and so there are historical jazz and swing sessions included as well as videos of the great rock area and up to date electronic music. The database indeed includes all kind of genres.

Access happens by a low cost subscription fee. To test the service a free trial period of one month is provided. Furthermore free streams are shown by the link Qello TV, which as well shows concert videos of all kind of genres: Qello.

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Live Concerts and Music TV in HD Quality

HD is already common standard on the internet, at least at the most important video sharing platforms. But something does Quello better. The service is described by being a hd streaming service and the quality is obviously.

Quello is a music television site with many on demand features. The focus in on recordings of live concerts. Additionally there are many features like interviews and reports available. The online tv streams are accessible by the menu tab Quello TV, which are assorted by genres. By the menu tab setlists various playlists are available. Users are able to create own setlists as well.

At all because of the quality as well as by the features like creating playlists consisting of high quality material Quello is in some way a different and very interesting service. To learn more and view it yourself visit Quello.

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Music Video Charts at YouTube

YouTube has launched a new chart service especially dedicated to music videos. Following various general ranking services like the latest and most comprehensive service YouTube Trends, the new service located at is the first one just about music. And it is comfortable by listing charts of various genres.

As a YouTube service the new charts are important and interesting at all. But there is another peculiarity compared to other chart services usually listing just commercially created music videos. The YouTube chart service lists both commercially created music videos as well as videos created by users and independent artists and the like, which is a great pool of creativity by counting user generated videos in the sense of mashups and some great independent music maybe not found elsewhere. Further information about the service is available by the official blog post about the launch of the service and at the YouTube Music Charts Portal.

The YouTube 100 music chart is live

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