Free Psytrance and Electronic Music Downloads

If you are in electronic music, ektoplazm will please you. It is a completely free platform offering free downloads and streams of modern electronic music. Having started with psytrance today ektoplazm lists nearly all genres of up to date electronic music including downtempo, goa, techno and ambient.

The about page tells, that the founders aim to support the global community of counterculture. Indeed, whereas electronic music today is played everywhere on the planet it often exists beside mainstream media. It has become so popular, that you may even not recognize to some kind of underground music. To go on with its support the ektoplazm netlabel has been founded in 2008.

ektoplazm provides music files is of high quality either in mp3 or even in lossless flac or wav formats. You may navigate by searching or choosing a genre by tags, artist profiles are available as well: ektoplazm.

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DJ Mixes and Live Sets is a portal for electronic music listing and playing dj sets and mixes ranging from house to techno and dubstep to minimal. The music consists of dj mixes, sets and live sets and even recorded video sessions aka video sets. A radio called Ibiza Sonica is available as well.

Being a portal the site delivers various news accessible by popular posts and within forums, news about festivals and the latest releases:

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Innovative Markets on Digital Music and DJing

At this post here come two innovative services, which both are online music marketplaces. Both are innovative and dedicated to digital media, but do serve different needs.

The first one is ReDigi, a marketplace to buy and sell used aka unwanted digital music. The service itself argues with possible shortage of storage and by this it comes along with a cloud hosting feature to let people use the service as media center to store their stuff. The stuff traded on the platform are digital music files locked with some kind of digital rights management system. To do so ReDigi provides a system to inform which music aka music files are eligible to be traded. Furthermore the system includes a bonus system e.g. rewarding purchases done at iTunes via the ReDigi system. To get further information read the about page and visit ReDigi.

Completely different clients are served by PulseLocker. It is a marketplace dedicated to the dj scene providing a platform to choose music for professional purposes. The idea is to let dj’s listen to and choose music without the need to buy it. PulseLocker is providing the infrastructure including a catalog, music player and djing software to let dj’s prelistening to and play with music. Just in the case of music being favored the purchase of the music is necessary. Currently the service is in private beta and participating needs an invitation. To get further information or apply to use the service visit PulseLocker.

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