Internet Radio with Music from all over the World and all Epochs

Radiooooo is once again an extraordinary music radio service, which becomes possible just by the internet. Users may participate to enrich the service by adding songs.

The site lists popular music of eras since 1900 up to today on a worldmap. With other words, it is a music discovery service to find popular local music of different epochs. Furthermore different genres become available by choosing fast, slow or weird music. By „Post a Song“ one may add a missing song.

For sure this is a funny and exciting discovery journey to lovers of extraordinary music. One may find early tango or music from the havana social club as well as audio recordings of the antarctica and much more: Radiooooo.

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Online Radio with and for Newcomers and Unsigned Artists

In short amazing is the header of the business site AmazingMusic bringing in combination with the music portal AmazingTunes an online radio with and for newcomers and unsigned artists.

The result of the whole bundle is an online radio playing new music with the special feature of being moderated, which is something rather new in the online music world. Musicians are able to upload their music and being introduced and played in the radio stream. Furthermore the service generates charts and assorts the uploaded music by genres playable seperately. Additionally listeners are able to create personalized playlists.

The idea is fun and the music is as well, especially if you are like me just listening online and listen to radio rarely. It is a real online radio or radio experience online. To get further information for musicians visit AmazingMusic and to listen to music AmazingTunes is recommended.

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International and Mobile Internet Radio

TuneIn is the name of a new and international online radio. The service lists real radio stations and makes them available on the web and on mobile devices. It is available in about 20 languages and offering both access to local and international stations. Furthermore the stations are assorted by the genres music, sports and talk shows with the genres again being assorted by particular topics like music styles.

Beside its great choice the service is offering some technical innovation by being accessible on various different devices, which means on the web, by mobile devices, equipped cars and connected home entertainment devices. For more visit TuneIn.

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Internet Radio with Artist Submissions

earbits is an online radio managed by musicians and enthusiasts. The service is operating completely without advertising and does not require a registration. There are various genres available, which are listed at the homepage. Just a click and the player starts immediately with further information about the music within the pages. The music and performance is good and musicians are invited to participate by the link music submissions. To find out more visit earbits.

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Internet Radio and Web Player for Websites

iRadeo offers an easy to install internet radio service to be installed on websites. The setup simply happens by uploading music or audio files. After doing so a web player is generated to be installed on sites. The player may be customized by colors and an own logo. The fact that there is no limitation regarding the number of listeners makes it a most comfortable solution.

The service is available by a free and a premium version. An overview of all functions is available by the tab features at the iRadeo homepage.

Similar services are available at internet radio and at FOLDEN.DE by the rubric website players, playlists.

Internet Radio Service with Live Casting

Spreaker is a free online radio service to create own shows and radio broadcasts. The shows may consist of live casts or recorded shows like podcasts and the like, which may contain talk shows or music or both. To create a show a complete radio suite is provided including effects to fade in and out and to create spoken overlays. Furthermore widgets are available to put the shows and streams onto social networks.

Similar services are available at live video, personal broadcasting.

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