Traex seeks Crowd Funding Support

Traex, the podcasting site associated with Traexs (the podcast feeds are available via this site as well), seeks support for its crowd funding campaign to produce a cd.

One may wonder why a podcasting site produces a cd. Revenues of this crowd funding campaign will suppport the whole podcasting project. Who reads this blog regularly knows that there are many articles about monetization and that the whole music industry is still thinking about new business models. Whereas a lot of the revenue today is generated at streaming services, a large part still results by selling of cd’s.

So the idea of the project is both profane and pragmatic, but of course it is intented to make something great. And the idea to produce a real music cd is fascinating and a lot of fun. Furthermore the step is part of a concept to enhance the services of the podcasting site to become an online label. There exist already first online releases.

But making money by online releases and publishing these on streaming services does not necessarily mean to generate enough revenues, which especially relates to small music services. This gives reason to ask you to support the crowd funding campaign. By this you not just support the production of the first cd but as well the whole project including podcasting and even the Traexs blog and directory.

The campaign happens on the crowd funding site Startnext (another more general compaign is accessible via the Traex homepage). There are a couple of fine rewards including the cd itself, digital downloads of compilations of some of the best tracks introduced at the podcasts and sponsoring offers. Here is the link to access the crowd funding campaign to support the production of the 1. CD by Traex.

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Music Community and Business Network

Muzicol launched to give another boost to the music business online by its modern community network enabling fans and musicians to interact and to let professionals find new contacts.

The service embraces mostly all features available today by social and business networking. At first it is a community enabling all participants both fans and professionals to either find new music and to share it or to get in contact to boost the own music career. This includes even crowd funding to finance music projects and to let fans participate in business. Labels and locations are invited to participate as well, which on one side means being able to manage multiple accounts and on the other hand to get interested acts or to live stream an event.

Musicians are served well by Muzicol. There are profiles with multimedia features to upload pictures, videos and an unlimited amount of tracks. The same happens to locations by being able to promote an event and to sell tickets. To learn more visit Muzicol.

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Crowd Funding of Music Projects

rocketfuel is a new service to support musicians to finance their music projects. It is one of the latest crowd funding services enabling fans to support their favorite musicians.

To do so fans have the options to either get a reward or merchandising stuff or just to make a donation. Fans of course stay informed about the proceedings of a project and may support it monthly as well. What is nice is that 100% of the money given by fans goes to the musicians: rocketfuel.

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Crowd Funding of Music Projects

ArtistShare has been founded already in 2003 and by this it is probably one of the oldest platforms on fan funding around. The platform enables artist in general and especially musicians to gather money for projects. There are even stars like Ute Lemper represented looking to finance their projects. And by ArtistShare even some Grammy nominees and winners have gathered money according to the About page. The principle is simple, fans may support their favorites by small money and do get something special like prereleases. To get further information about the projects and how to participate either as a fan or creative visit the homepage of ArtistShare.

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