Selling Music Online

To sell music online you may use RouteNote. It is a kind of aggregator to distribute music to various online music stores as well as to various music streaming services. The latter includes Deezer, Google Play Music and Spotify. Depending on the kind of distribution by stream or sale the revenues are either paid by sale or stream as well.

RouteNote offers two versions to distribute and sell music, a free and a premium version. The free version is based on revenue sharing. Using the premium version the seller gets the whole revenue. Furthermore both options differ regarding the required file format. At the free version mp3 is required. The premium version offers further formats and is currently starting to offer the option to upload high-res-audio. The option to be able to upload mp3 is something unique by the way as most services ask for wav files. To get further information and start selling your music visit the homepage of RouteNote.

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Online Music Distribution with SongCast

Independent musicians are wooed like nothing else today. Beside a broad range of indie platforms for music sharing alone and in combination with business opportunities there are numerous services dedicated to the online distribution of music and selling music at premium online music platforms. A further service to distribute and sell music online is SongCast.

SongCast is offering the service to both independents and labels. The music becomes distributed to various online music portals, where the music is offered for sale. The service does not require exclusivity and has a couple of further useful features like daily stats for iTunes, a profile page at the iTunes social network Ping, the consideration within charts, social media marketing tools and monthly payments. Further features are artist profiles and the promotion of new releases. Last but not least an affiliate program is available to webmasters. To get further information visit SongCast.

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