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Radioline is a rather young service to listen to online radio and podcasts. The site aggregates above 35000 channels of different gernres. It includes news and sports, talk radio and music.

The service of Radioline goes far beyond simple listening via the website. It is based on modern cloud technology enabling streams in hifi quality. Furthermore it may be accessed by different devices including smartphones and smart tv. Accessing the service by mobile devices is not just working by wifi but by common 3g / 4g mobile internet networks as well.

To find music at Radioline a search engine and a directory are supplied. But the most interesting way to get recommendations is by the integrated recommendation engine. Channel recommendations may happen by mood or music taste. In the case of accessing the service via mobile devices recommendations may happen even by locations.

The aim of Radioline is to provide an audio streaming service based on the state of the art: Radioline.

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Pop Punk and harder

Pop Punk must be some kind of a mixture of brit pop and post punk or fun punk, as I do remember a term. This is what IDOBI Radio is streaming on the internet. But there is more rock. The online radio has three streams and the other ones are dedicated to metal and hardcore and pure indie rock. So there is rock in many variations, pop, harder and indepent. What else IDOBI is offering is a broad range of information about the scene, events and releases, which are do consist of posts, interviews, photos and videos. So let’s rock and visit IDOBI Radio.

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Techno and Electronic Music Radio

Electronic music of various types from dub to techno is what the online radio is playing. Opposed to most other services introduced here primary it is a service for listeners with only occasional opportunities to dj’s. The latter is the case, because has a real radio approach with just one stream to listen to and the slots of this stream are just filled.

But nevertheless there is a lot to listen to as is well organized. The stream is available by the homepage and via timetable one gets the information which show is coming up. The timetable itself is comfortable as well by enabling the export of data to a calendar. The dj’s introduced by the site have their own profile pages and may point to downloadable media even on other sites. Downloads provided by itself are located at Archives, where recorded streams become available.

To dj’s aiming to participate the faqs recommend to watch the timetable to grab one of the rare slots, if available. For more visit

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Online Radio with Independent Music

And here comes earbits, a further online radio for and with independent music and further does not just mean another but a great service to listen to various genres and even to find subgenres of particular music styles. earbits itself states it is made by musicians and fans for musicians and fans and by this it is all about music and not to get the most out of placing adverts. And indeed the site and the service have a clear appearance without any annoyance. The service by the way is financed by the musicians in part having pro accounts to add more comprehensive information about themselves.

Beside the well assorted and broad offer of music earbits is providing personalization including histories of music listened to, a Facebook connection and Groovies, which is the reward system of the side giving points to participants generated by various activities. At all it is a great new online radio service to independents and indie music fans. To learn more and listen to music visit earbits.

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Crowd Casting evolves Radio Services to Communities

TechCrunch is reporting about a new radio trend, the use of crowd casting applications enabling listeners to suggest and vote for songs to be played on air. This is not really new, but in the social networking era it got a new quality and interactivity today has become a success factor and as tv goes social by smart tv so does radio.

To realize such votings and suggestions a small group of specialized software providers arised. Regarding the success it is reported that a small local station by integrating such features has become the favorite station in its region. To get further information read the article Radio Freaks Out: First Cox Media-Owned Radio Station Turns Over Control To Listeners 24/7 On Web And Mobile.

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