Online Radio with Independent Music

And here comes earbits, a further online radio for and with independent music and further does not just mean another but a great service to listen to various genres and even to find subgenres of particular music styles. earbits itself states it is made by musicians and fans for musicians and fans and by this it is all about music and not to get the most out of placing adverts. And indeed the site and the service have a clear appearance without any annoyance. The service by the way is financed by the musicians in part having pro accounts to add more comprehensive information about themselves.

Beside the well assorted and broad offer of music earbits is providing personalization including histories of music listened to, a Facebook connection and Groovies, which is the reward system of the side giving points to participants generated by various activities. At all it is a great new online radio service to independents and indie music fans. To learn more and listen to music visit earbits.

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