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Radioline is a rather young service to listen to online radio and podcasts. The site aggregates above 35000 channels of different gernres. It includes news and sports, talk radio and music.

The service of Radioline goes far beyond simple listening via the website. It is based on modern cloud technology enabling streams in hifi quality. Furthermore it may be accessed by different devices including smartphones and smart tv. Accessing the service by mobile devices is not just working by wifi but by common 3g / 4g mobile internet networks as well.

To find music at Radioline a search engine and a directory are supplied. But the most interesting way to get recommendations is by the integrated recommendation engine. Channel recommendations may happen by mood or music taste. In the case of accessing the service via mobile devices recommendations may happen even by locations.

The aim of Radioline is to provide an audio streaming service based on the state of the art: Radioline.

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Live Audio Streaming with Podcast Recording

Live streaming and podcasting are current top trends. Especially podcasting is booming. Despite of this the services are coming and going by time and so it is remarkable that Mixlr is on the market at least since five years, when a first post appears on this blog about its Live Musik Broadcasting Service, which introduced it as a live streaming service for small events.

Mixlr managed it to stay in the market and to add new features. Formerly it has been a service offering live streaming for a reasonable price. Now the basic service is free and two kinds of premium accounts are available offering additional features.

Further features beside the pure broadcasting are offered at all as well now. There are social media features enabling following and live chat. Like formerly the integration of live streams into Facebook and Twitter accounts and into websites is available. A new feature enables to record the live shows and to export the recorded shows to services like Dropbox, Mixcloud, SoundCloud and others. And by this the podcast is made. Like formerly the service is available via the web and additionally by apps enabling mobile live streaming now. To get further information visit Mixlr.

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Podcasting 2015

To podcasting the latest article of the last year has been dedicated and the first article of 2015 is starting with podcasting.

As formerly reported there came up a couple of new podcasting services. And how it happens I visited a networking event about the topic and become aware of two further interesting new podcasting tools, which are introduced below.

At first there is podlove, a most comfortable podcast plugin for the blogger software WordPress. One of its numerous features is a function to devide text posts and podcasts. The plugin generates two different surfaces to create common posts and podcast episodes and generates as well a different feed to let fetch just the podcasts. SEO functions are integrated as well, which enables search engines to index the audio or video content.

Spreaker is the second service. It is a media hosting service. Beside podcast hosting it includes tools to distibute podcasts and analytics features to measure the success. Furthermore the services enables recording both via the web and on mobile devices. And what might be described as most exciting is a live casting feature, which may show where the future development of podcasting is going to.

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Podcasting is hot again, really hot

Lately this blog supposed that podcasting is hot again, because of the appearance of new services. Now the topic has become big coverage by a couple of publications both the most wellknown newspapers like Washington Post and Wall Street Journal and well known online publications like Mobile Marketer.

So what is really happening? Despite of not often becoming mentioned by its in some way technical term podcasting (like it is described in the already mentioned article) the subscription to media downloads (which is in some way synonymous to subscribe to podcasts) today happens everywhere. Subscriptions to podcasts even reached an every time high in October 2014 by 39 million people in the US listening to downloads being available by subscription. One reason of this broad adaption is the easy access by smartphone usage. The second reason relies on another new technology not less wide spreaded. This is the availability of new media devices within cars, where people now are able to plug there own media once again by smartphone connection or by connecting usb sticks and the like.

These facts indeed are giving a boost to the original podcasting technologies and new services are popping up again. Some of these new services are the lately covered Pocket Casts (podcast client), Audello (podcast marketing) or the already formerly launched blubrry (podcast creation) by RawVoice (media hosting and tracking).

To get an idea what podcasts beside music are able to cover and why these are a great mean to special interest and niche marketing, here are two specialized networks aka directories: The first one is, which of course is about marketing, and the second is Podcast on Fire being just about asian cinema.

If you like to dig deeper into the podcasting scene, there are some specialized news services like Podcaster News. More of such news services you find within the TRAEXS directory at Podcasting and at FOLDEN.INFO, a comprehensive online marketing resource covering news within two blogs about online marketing and media (Podcasting.

Last but not least here are the articles mentioned above by Mobile Marketer, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal:
Video blogs, podcasts help marketers reach niche audiences on mobile
Podcasts are back — and making money
‘Serial’ Is The Hottest Show Of The Fall — Do Marketers Need a Podcast Strategy?

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New Podcast Player and Podcatcher

Podcasting had its hype at the beginning of the development of the social web. Today it has become an everyday tool to fetch multimedia feeds of any kind like music or video updates without being mentioned by name, which gives reason for a little explanation. Newsfeeds mostly are provided by blogs to retrieve updates. Podcasts are newsfeeds enriched with multimedia files. To read aka listen or watch to this multimedia content one needs a feedreader being able to do so or a so called podcatcher, a feedreader especially dedicated to podcasts.

And after rather a long time now Pocket Casts has launched its app on the web, which formerly has been available for smartphones only. Here is the web version of Pocket Casts:

What’s so exciting about this and why this explanation? Quite simply the opportunity to access content by subscription and to get updated content automaticly has been a great quasi historical step. Formerly one needs to visit websites or subscribe to newsletters. But at this point another aspect is of particular interest. With media tools like this being available creatives like musicians or video makers are enabled to provide content like it happened e.g. to iTunes. Beside the technic aspects of delivery marketing opportunities arise and even opportunities to earn money by advertising. Such specialized advertising services have already existed and maybe these come up again and provide options to finance great content.

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Party Music Playlists

The music download and podcast site (without the s like traexs, but associated indeed) has arranged the podcasts and mp3 downloads of the site into playlists ready to play hours of free party music. The genres are techno (minimal to psy trance), chill lounge with electronic grooves and new age and last but not least jazz ranging from acid jazz to late night and funk. All playlists are completely free of comments and adverts to be listened on your party. Current updates are available by the free podcast subscription, which by the way works on equipped smartphones and the iPhone as well. To start listening or get the podcasts visit

Similar services are available at podcasting and podcasts.

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