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Radioline is a rather young service to listen to online radio and podcasts. The site aggregates above 35000 channels of different gernres. It includes news and sports, talk radio and music.

The service of Radioline goes far beyond simple listening via the website. It is based on modern cloud technology enabling streams in hifi quality. Furthermore it may be accessed by different devices including smartphones and smart tv. Accessing the service by mobile devices is not just working by wifi but by common 3g / 4g mobile internet networks as well.

To find music at Radioline a search engine and a directory are supplied. But the most interesting way to get recommendations is by the integrated recommendation engine. Channel recommendations may happen by mood or music taste. In the case of accessing the service via mobile devices recommendations may happen even by locations.

The aim of Radioline is to provide an audio streaming service based on the state of the art: Radioline.

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