Techno and Electronic Music Radio

Electronic music of various types from dub to techno is what the online radio is playing. Opposed to most other services introduced here primary it is a service for listeners with only occasional opportunities to dj’s. The latter is the case, because has a real radio approach with just one stream to listen to and the slots of this stream are just filled.

But nevertheless there is a lot to listen to as is well organized. The stream is available by the homepage and via timetable one gets the information which show is coming up. The timetable itself is comfortable as well by enabling the export of data to a calendar. The dj’s introduced by the site have their own profile pages and may point to downloadable media even on other sites. Downloads provided by itself are located at Archives, where recorded streams become available.

To dj’s aiming to participate the faqs recommend to watch the timetable to grab one of the rare slots, if available. For more visit

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Download of Live Recordings and Business Opportunity to Musicians

Just lately the live recording service came out of beta and is now providing its services to download live recordings and the app to record events to the public. Musicians are able to download the app, to record their events and to sell the recordings at the homepage.

The service is located in Austin, Texas, and up to now only recordings made in Austin are available at the homepage, which is because of the app being available just since the beginning of September. But has ambitions. The service got money by investors and aims to make revenues of 100 million in five years, which probably needs a global expansion. An argument to reach this target is a general trend toward live events in the music industry and a test of the app showed that about 15% of visitors of events have bought the live recording. To get further information visit the homepage of

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Innovative Markets on Digital Music and DJing

At this post here come two innovative services, which both are online music marketplaces. Both are innovative and dedicated to digital media, but do serve different needs.

The first one is ReDigi, a marketplace to buy and sell used aka unwanted digital music. The service itself argues with possible shortage of storage and by this it comes along with a cloud hosting feature to let people use the service as media center to store their stuff. The stuff traded on the platform are digital music files locked with some kind of digital rights management system. To do so ReDigi provides a system to inform which music aka music files are eligible to be traded. Furthermore the system includes a bonus system e.g. rewarding purchases done at iTunes via the ReDigi system. To get further information read the about page and visit ReDigi.

Completely different clients are served by PulseLocker. It is a marketplace dedicated to the dj scene providing a platform to choose music for professional purposes. The idea is to let dj’s listen to and choose music without the need to buy it. PulseLocker is providing the infrastructure including a catalog, music player and djing software to let dj’s prelistening to and play with music. Just in the case of music being favored the purchase of the music is necessary. Currently the service is in private beta and participating needs an invitation. To get further information or apply to use the service visit PulseLocker.

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Party Music Playlists

The music download and podcast site (without the s like traexs, but associated indeed) has arranged the podcasts and mp3 downloads of the site into playlists ready to play hours of free party music. The genres are techno (minimal to psy trance), chill lounge with electronic grooves and new age and last but not least jazz ranging from acid jazz to late night and funk. All playlists are completely free of comments and adverts to be listened on your party. Current updates are available by the free podcast subscription, which by the way works on equipped smartphones and the iPhone as well. To start listening or get the podcasts visit

Similar services are available at podcasting and podcasts.

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