Musicians and labels in the new economy

When it comes to musicians and their relationship to labels, the New Economy is not outdated. The Music Industry Blog describes the relationship between musicians and labels as constantly changing. This not only affects the technology used, but also the changed meanings of market participants.

That cannot be summed up in a nutshell, as we know, a completely new environment with countless tools has emerged. In the past, musicians were dependent on labels, but today they can easily publish themselves. Countless tools are available for production and post-production, and the same applies to marketing.

Musicians do not need labels, they can easily found them and if a relationship is entered into with a label, then the relationship is often no longer permanent. From an extreme point of view, the benefit of the labels lies in the initial promotion, they say in the article below. Once musicians are known, they can easily market themselves.

There is more in the following article, which also includes an interesting graphic with the different market participants: Labels are going to become more like VCs than they probably want to be.

Live Music and Video Streams of Electronic Music

BE-AT.TV is the next live music and video streaming service following the just introduced live streaming service Liveamp.

Both services have most common features and intentions by streaming live out of club and from festivals and aiming to foster the scene and bringing musicians, fans and locations closer. But opposed to Liveamp, which additionally has some crowd funding features and supports all kind of music talents, BE-AT.TV is specialized in electronic music of all genres.

The website provides live streams and shows recordings of whole shows. By this whole dj sets played at clubs and festivals worldwide become available to be listened and viewed. Great stuff. To get into the scene visit the website of BE-AT.TV.

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Live Music Events, Recordings and Crowd Funding

Really a nice music service with great features is provided by Livamp. At its homepage the service shows live concert recordings of upcoming artists and new talents for free. The idea of the service is to match musicians with event locations, which as well is free to both sides.

So Livamp is creating a real win win situation to the participants. The artists find venues to play their music to an interested audience and the locations are able to introduce new music talents. Furthermore both get free promotion by the showcase of the recordings within the website.

Last but not least the music industry is involved. To that part Livamp is introducing itself as a music or better talent discovery service. At this point financial issues happen. The music business is able to invest in new talents. To get further information or to view some nice live shows visit Livamp.

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Traex seeks Crowd Funding Support

Traex, the podcasting site associated with Traexs (the podcast feeds are available via this site as well), seeks support for its crowd funding campaign to produce a cd.

One may wonder why a podcasting site produces a cd. Revenues of this crowd funding campaign will suppport the whole podcasting project. Who reads this blog regularly knows that there are many articles about monetization and that the whole music industry is still thinking about new business models. Whereas a lot of the revenue today is generated at streaming services, a large part still results by selling of cd’s.

So the idea of the project is both profane and pragmatic, but of course it is intented to make something great. And the idea to produce a real music cd is fascinating and a lot of fun. Furthermore the step is part of a concept to enhance the services of the podcasting site to become an online label. There exist already first online releases.

But making money by online releases and publishing these on streaming services does not necessarily mean to generate enough revenues, which especially relates to small music services. This gives reason to ask you to support the crowd funding campaign. By this you not just support the production of the first cd but as well the whole project including podcasting and even the Traexs blog and directory.

The campaign happens on the crowd funding site Startnext (another more general compaign is accessible via the Traex homepage). There are a couple of fine rewards including the cd itself, digital downloads of compilations of some of the best tracks introduced at the podcasts and sponsoring offers. Here is the link to access the crowd funding campaign to support the production of the 1. CD by Traex.

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