Internet Radio Service with Live Casting

Spreaker is a free online radio service to create own shows and radio broadcasts. The shows may consist of live casts or recorded shows like podcasts and the like, which may contain talk shows or music or both. To create a show a complete radio suite is provided including effects to fade in and out and to create spoken overlays. Furthermore widgets are available to put the shows and streams onto social networks.

Similar services are available at live video, personal broadcasting.

Live Music Concerts streamed into the Internet

With a further live video streaming service has launched, which broadcasts music concerts live into the internet. The service starts with free broadcasts and may offer paid streams later. Further features of the site are chats, where visitors may talk to each other and to the artists.

Musicians and organizers may take use of the service in autumn. Information about this feature is available on the site only in german language for now but will become available in english soon. Events may be streamed to the public or to a limited audience. To promote such events tools like widgets will be provided..

Similar services are available at live webcasts and Live Video.

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