Music Streaming growths faster than expected

Music streaming services are a trend, this is clear for a while already. But according to an up to date study this way to access music online has grown faster than expected.

According to a study by Parks Associates now 66% of U.S. citizens with broadband access are subscribed to an audio streaming service. Surprising as well is the ranking of the top services. It is Amazon Prime Music on the first position followed by Pandora One and Spotify.

Opposed to the success of music streaming services, there is still the need of ongoing develop of a matching business model. The reason is that the larger part of subscribers is using free versions. A possible option may be high quality audio: Surprising New Study Shows 66% Of U.S. Streams Music, Amazon #1 Paid Music Service.

But the business model of the music streaming services must not concern djs and musicians. They are able to reach a large amount of music fans and may monetize their music, because the music streaming providers are paying them by stream nevertheless. A service to distribute music on various music streaming services, which may be recommended by own use, is RouteNote.

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