Online Music Network with Online Music Software is a new online business network for musicians and music professionals, which has just come out of its private beta phase and is available to everyone now.

The service includes an international network reaching above 100 countries. Musicians and professionals are able to represent themselves, to find partners to make music or for business, to manage projects and last but not least the service includes an online music software to mix music.

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Online Music Tool for Audio Messages at the Social Web

All new online tools are great, at least mostly. But sometimes there is the cool tool experience like it happens with inudge (new name: Audiotool). inudge is a tiny online musik editor with great effects allowing even laymen the intuitive composition of audio sequences. At the right of the application are the instruments, which become applied by clicks within the surface. If a composition is finished, it may become shared easily by a click on „get+share“ at the upper right. Too, existing sequences (like below) may become reworked and shared, which does not effect the original.

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Free Music Mixing Software and Media Community

Acidplanet (new name: Producer Planet) is a digital media community for listening and artists with downloads and uploads of music as well as for videos. To members there is a free music software available. The software ACID Xpress is usable for editing, mixing and recording of music.

acidplanet at all is an interesting community to creatives. There is even no need to use the proprietary software to upload music and to participate in the site. The service has a lot of features for musicians like charts and contests, artist pages and a community.

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New Online Music Software

A new online music software and collaboration platform for musicians and music producers has been launched at the end of January. The service is called Tracks and Fields. It is both an online music software and a collaboration environment for music production. And of course the services includes various networking features. Members get a profile page and musicians may showcase their tracks for feedback at the community or share it with friends elsewhere.

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