Mobile App Creator with Soundcloud Integration

Who uploads music files to Soundcloud and aims to be available on the mobile internet should try Appy Pie. Appy Pie is an app builder enabling to create mobile apps without the need of programming skills. It has an integration with Soundcloud to get the content into the app and does provide a comfortable service at all by being compatible to all common mobile app platforms. The service is available in a free and various premium versions to be distinguished by prices and features. To learn more visit Appy Pie.

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Music Collaboration by Google Chrome

Google is still able to surprise. Now the company has launched a webbased application on music collaboration, an online application to make music together realized within the Google Chrome Browser. This feature aka application is part of Chrome Experiments, a project homepage about features.

By this term it seems not to be clear how serious the application is and how long it will stay, but Google already has experiences in this field by the Web Lab project, a mixed media project enabling visitors of a museum to perform together will online users and furthermore such an application would be a nice supplement to the lately started Google Drive, its file sharing service.

But what about the service. This Chrome Experiment on online music collaboration is called Jam with Chrome and uses a couple of up to date web technologies making it feasible to use the application within the browser without the need to install any software. Up to four musicians may perform together by having the choice of 19 different instruments. A hint towards a possible professional service may be the two modi of the service, an easy and a pro modus. To get further information about the project watch the video below, read the official blog post about the launch and visit Jam with Chrome.

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Open Source Music Software

The Create Digital Music blog has published an article about open source music software and does introduce some applications to create music within this article. The introduced software needs a linux system. This is symptomatic and equal to own research regarding free open source to create music or to work on films and videos. So to those who want to use open source software to make music or videos it is recommended to have a look at the open source operating system linux or to use always up to date webbased software, which is listed at Online Music Tools within the TRAEXS Directory.

Making Music with Free and Open Source Software: Top Picks from Red Hat, Dave Phillips

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Online Music Making Software

A new online music making software has been launched by UJAM. The online suite is provided by a startup, which just came out of beta and which is available to the public now. The webbased music making software enables members to compose and produce as well as to publish their music. Furthermore the music software is equipped with sharing facilities to show the made music to friends and others on the net. For more visit UJAM.

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Innovative Digital Music Instruments

Digital media has brought up a lot of innovative services and devices and as the ongoing boom of social media services or the mobile internet demonstrates this trend is continuing. The same is due to hardware with the latest example of the introduction of tablet computers and to digital music instruments in particular. Tablet computer is a right keyword to describe some innovations in the range of digital music instruments, which are handled by touch screens instead of buttons and controllers. Some other instrument may even not become understood by viewing them. By video eight examples of innovative digital instrument are introduced in the following article: Music Tech: 8 Digital Instruments for the Cutting Edge Composer.

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The first ever Augmented Reality CD

You may be aware about augmented reality or not. In entertainment and on mobile devices this feature displays additional information by turning a cam, a webcam or mobile cam, on an object to fetch information mostly located at the internet to be displayed on the screen and which even may be interactive. Now the spanish agency Musikame has put such information on a cd cover enabling to interact with content. By turning the cam onto the cd cover one is able to use a sound machine and to scratch and perform other tasks. This might be a bit complicated, especially if you are not aware about augmented reality. So have a look at the videos within the following article: Augmented Reality CDs into DJ Tools; DJing with SoundCloud, Clock Faces, More.

Similar services are available at online music software.

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